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How To Pass The Florida Permit Test

You want to pass your Florida permit test? We want you to pass as well! We also want you to pass the DMV Road and Sign test on your first try! That is why we include a free interactive 100 question multiple choice practice exam with your purchase of the TLSAE (Drug & Alcohol / First Time Driver) course. The best way to pass the Florida permit test is by reviewing these free questions and studying the guide.​

It is always a good practice to study for any exam. Especially for an exam like the Road & Sign Test (FL Permit Course) that requires you to be behind the wheel of a vehicle which is a great responsibility. However, if you want to pass the Florida permit exam, you will need to study and be familiar with the questions that could be presented during the test.

The free DMV Practice Road & Sign Exam includes 100 Questions that are commonly found on the actual Road & Sign exam that you will be required to take in order to obtain a driver's permit.

Our Free DMV Practice Road & Sign Exam includes:
  • 100 Questions
  • Multiple choice questions
  • Pictures of Road Signs
  • Instant feedback on your response
When answering a question you will receive instant feedback highlighting the answer you selected green if it's correct and red if its wrong with correct or incorrect listed as confirmation.


Once enrolled, under your courses in progress there will be an option for the FL Permit Practice Questions, select this to enter the free exam.

By studying hard, and taking our practice exam we are confident you will pass the Florida Permit test!

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