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Basic Driver Improvement, or Florida traffic school, is a 4-hour defensive driving course that a driver can elect (volunteer) to attend after receiving a Florida traffic ticket (moving violation). This course is fully approved by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) and accepted by all Florida courts.

The benefits of the course are:
  • No points on driving record. Points are not assessed against your driver's license. A notation is placed on the driving record that adjudication was withheld for the offense.
  • Prevents auto insurance from increasing. Specifically, Florida law states that if a driver completes a BDI course, his or her auto insurance company cannot raise the premium policy rate, cancel the policy or refuse to renew it based on the offense unless the driver was found at fault in a crash and if there was no traffic accident involved (ยง626.9541, F.S.). There could be an exception if you have a 2nd infraction within an 18 month period, a 3rd infraction within an 36 month period, or are exceeding the speed limit by over 15 mph.
  • Keeps "Safe Driver" notation on driver license. This applies if the driver already had a safe driver notation before receiving the ticket. (this is applied when there was no traffic accident involved)
  • When a driver improvement course is completed, the civil fine could be reduced up to 18 % as required by law. The reduction would be applied from the amount indicated by the ticketing officer on the traffic citation.

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Attendance Restrictions
If you are a CDL holder or you were cited for speeding more than 30 MPH over the limit, you may not elect to attend traffic school. Also, you may not elect if you have already elected for a previous ticket within the past 12 months, or if you have elected five times within 10 years.

Notifying the Clerk of the Court
If you wish to go to traffic school for a Florida ticket, you must notify the court. Usually this means sending in the affidavit form that was included with the ticket. Some counties also allow a driver to notify them in person, over the phone, online, or by fax. You should contact the clerk of the court for the county in which you were ticketed to learn their procedures for traffic school election. You will also have to send your completion certificate in to the clerk of the court after you have finished the course.

What do you need to do after you complete this course?
Once the course is completed, you will receive your certificate immediately via email and site download. This certificate needs to be provided to the Clerk of the Courts from the County in which you received the citation. That specific Clerks Office will provide you with their submission requirements.

Other Reasons for Attendance
In addition to voluntarily attending for a Florida ticket, you may take the BDI course for the following reasons:
  • Court Ordered: If you contested your Florida ticket and the judge or court ordered you to attend a 4-hour driver improvement course, you should select this reason for attendance.
  • Traffic Collision Avoidance Course (TCAC): TCAC students will have received a letter from the Florida DHSMV ordering them to attend a BDI course. TCAC letters are sent out for particular situations, such as two crashes within two years or crashes involving injuries.
  • Reckless Driving, Road Racing, Etc.: Drivers who have received a letter from DHSMV regarding road racing, passing a stopped school bus, reckless driving, or running a red light are required to attend a BDI course.
  • Auto Insurance Discount: Florida law allows an auto insurance discount of up to 10% for completing a DHSMV approved BDI course. In order to receive the discount, you must first obtain permission from your auto insurance provider. (Note that BDI is not a mature driver course.)
  • If you receive a ticket for a non-criminal moving violation, and you do not hold a commercial driver license, you may elect to attend a basic driver improvement course in lieu of points on your driving record.
  • In some cases, you may choose to attend a basic driver improvement course to receive insurance discounts. This discount is solely at the discretion of your insurance company.

Electing to Attend Traffic School
Drivers with a Class A, B, or C license may not make an election under this subsection.

If, as a result of a moving violation, you elect to attend and complete a basic driver improvement course, you will receive the following benefits:
  1. Your insurance rates cannot go up and your policy cannot be cancelled because of this violation, unless this involved a crash where you were at fault.
  2. Points may not be added to your driver license record, adjudication of guilt is withheld, and safe driver status is maintained if applicable. You may not make an election under this subsection if you have made this election in the preceding 12 months. A person may make no more than five elections in a lifetime.
Within 30 days from the date you received the traffic citation and prior to attending class, you must:
  1. Inform the Clerk of Court in the county where you received the citation that you want to go to traffic school, and
  2. Pay an election fee to the Clerk of Court in the county where you received the citation.

A full list of your options for satisfying your traffic citation is on the back of the citation. You are required to choose one of the three options within 30 days of receiving the citation.

If you choose to pay the civil penalty or are adjudicated guilty by a judge, your driver record will be assessed as follows:
Moving Violations 3 points
Speeding 15 m.p.h or less over posted speed 3 points
Moving Violations 3 points
Speeding more than 15 m.p.h. over posted speeds 4 points
Passing stopped school bus 4 points
Moving violation (non-speeding) resulting in an crash 4 points
Unlawful speed resulting in a crash 6 points
Reckless driving (criminal traffic violation) 4 points
Leaving scene of crash with damage 6 points
Littering 3 points
Violation of child restraint laws 3 points

If you accumulate:
  • 12 points in 12 months, your license will be suspended for 30 days;
  • 18 points within 18 months results in a 3 month suspension;
  • 24 points within 36 months results in a 12 month suspension.
Drivers 15-17 Years Old
If you are driving with a Florida learner's license, you must hold it for at least 12 months without a traffic conviction before you may apply for a Florida Class E license. You may avoid conviction by electing to attend and completing a basic driver improvement course approved by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles.

If you are driving with a Florida learner's license or a Florida Class E license and you receive 6 points, you are restricted to driving for business purposes only for 12 months or until you reach the age of 18. Restriction time is increased if additional points are accumulated. You may avoid conviction by electing to attend and completing a basic driver improvement course approved by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles.

Q: When will I receive my certificate?
  • When the 4-Hour Basic Driver Improvement Course is successfully completed, the Completion Certificate will be e-mailed to the student.
  • It is the student's responsibility to print the certificate and turn it in to the court. We encourage students to complete the final exam within 4-5 business days prior to the court due date to have enough time to deliver the certificate to the Traffic Court.
Q: Is there a final exam? Yes!
  • The final exam, if stopped in the middle, will restart you at the beginning of an entirely new exam.
  • The system will keep track of your progress and will know where to start if you desire to pick up where you left off.
Q: When can I take the final exam?
  • You can take the final exam after completing the coursework.
Q: How do I know if I passed the final exam?
  • Upon completion of the final exam you will see your score.
  • 80% correct is required to pass.
  • You may retake the final exam as many times as you would like until you pass.
Q: Can I retake the final exam if I did not pass, and is there a limit to the number of times I can retake it?
  • There is no limit on the number of times you can retake, at no additional cost.
Q: If I want, can you have my Certificate of Course completion printed and mailed to me through regular mail?
  • Yes, but there is an additional $7.50 mailing and handling fee
  • Free if E-mailed
Q: If I have a question or a problem with the course, is there someone I can call?
  • Yes, call Florida Educational Driving School at 1-888-497-1755
Q: How do I get started? When registering please make sure that all information is correct. The Florida Educational Driving School is not responsible for incorrect information. A $5 fee will be charged if we have to reissue a new certificate with the corrected information. Example: Citation or Case number, County Issued, Name and Driver License etc.