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This approved State of Florida DHSMV course is for individuals who had their license suspended and need to enroll in a course to reinstate their driver's license or for individuals listed as a habitual traffic offender (HTO) by the State of Florida. This course can also be court ordered by a judge. Enrollment in an ADI course is required for reinstatement of driver's license per S. 322.291, F.S.

About The Course:
The 12 Hour ADI (Advanced Driver Improvement) course will take approximately 12 hours of your time to complete. You will not be able to complete more than six hours each day, which is a requirement that is set by the State of Florida. Within the course you will receive multiple 10 minute break periods to give you time to absorb the content and step away from your computer, mobile device or tablet. You will be able to stop and resume where you left off whenever you like, and can switch between your phone, tablet or desktop computer as often as you want.

The course itself consists of text, videos, breaks, and scenario questions on subjects related to why you are taking this course. These scenario questions are provided during the first half, and during the second half of the course. During the course you will be asked to answer the scenario questions that will require a minimum of 50 words. Some examples of the types of questions you might see within the course are based on driving situations, habits, and behaviors. After the first half of the course is submitted, you must take a required 24 hour break mandated by the State of Florida before continuing. After you resume the course, you will then be able to complete the course and start the process of getting your license back! This 24 hour break is not included in the 12 hour course time. Therefore the fastest the course can be completed is 36 hours. The 24 hour break between each half is required by the Florida DHSMV and cannot be reduced or eliminated.

Once you complete the course and pass the scenario questions, we automatically process your certificate of completion to the State of Florida DHSMV and provide you with a free copy via email and will also be available for download within your account. You will then receive notice from the court providing you with information on how to get your license reinstated. If this was a court order you will need to turn in the certificate to the courthouse prior to the court due date.

Have Your License Reinstated:
With each Florida 12 Hour ADI (Advanced Driver Improvement) registration you will receive a Free Enrollment Verification Letter immediately via e-mail which will allow you to apply for a hardship license. A hardship license is a restricted license which is issued by the state, in accordance with statutes or by order of the court, after a driver's license has been suspended. When you receive your Enrollment Verification, you will need to submit it to the Florida Bureau of Administrative Review Office nearest to you. Once approved by the Florida Bureau of Administrative you will have your hardship license. You can find the nearest Bureau of Administrative Reviews Office Locations at this link: https://www.flhsmv.gov/locations/

Steps to receive your Florida Hardship License:

  • Enroll in this Florida 12 Hour ADI (Advanced Driver Improvement) course. Once enrolled you will receive your Free Enrollment Verification Letter.
  • Contact your local county clerk's office to get a copy of your 30 day driving record. This letter will have information on your driving history and driving records.
  • Fill out this FL-DHSMV Division of Driver Licenses Bureau of Administration Reviews Application for Hardship License Form: Application for Hardship License Form
  • Go to your local DHSMV office and submit your Application for Hardship License Form along with both your 30 day driving record that you receive from the county clerk and your Free Proof of Enrollment Verification Letter we provided you to the Florida Bureau of Administrative Review Office.

    You must bring multiple forms of identification:

    Bring one copy of either your United State birth certificate, Certificate of naturalization, United States Passport, Alien registration card, or Consular proof of birth abroad

    Bring one copy of either your Social Security Card, Recent W-2 Form, Pay check stating your social security number, or any 1099 Form.

    Bring two copies of either your Mortgage, deed, rental agreement or payment booklet, Florida Vehicle registration or title, Utility bill or work order, or a statement from someone you live with along with 2 address documents in that person's name.

  • You will be assigned a hearing officer that will determine if you are eligible to receive a Florida Hardship License.
  • After receive your hardship license you must complete the Florida 12 Hour ADI (Advanced Driver Improvement) course in order to have your driver's license reinstated. (In most situation if you are a habitual offender (HTO) you will need to finish the 12 Hour ADI course prior to applying for a hardship license.)
After completing the course, and once your suspension time has expired, you can request a full license reinstatement at the same Florida Bureau of Administrative Review Office.

If you have been labeled as a Habitual Traffic Offender (HTO) by the State of Florida you have had 15 or more moving violations that resulted in points or committed at least three of the below offenses within a five year period, resulting in a license suspension.
  • Any felony in the commission of which a motor vehicle is used
  • Driving while your license was suspended or revoked (DWLSR)
  • Driving under the influence (DUI)
  • Failing to stop and render aid as required under the laws of this state in the event of a motor vehicle crash resulting in the death or personal injury of another
  • Driving a commercial motor vehicle while his or her privilege is disqualified
  • Voluntary or involuntary manslaughter resulting from the operation of a motor vehicle
  • 3 Crashes in 3 Years
  • DMV Required (Out of State Ticket) - If you received a traffic citation out of state and received a notice from Tallahassee requiring you to attend ADI
Habitual Traffic Offender (HTO) could have their license suspended up to five years and might not be eligible to apply for their hardship license until one year from the suspension date. When the five year period is completed, you will have to apply for reinstatement of your driver's license. You can contact your nearest Florida Bureau of Administrative Review for more information on how to obtain you hardship license if you have been labeled as a Habitual Traffic Offender (HTO).

Now it's time to start the process of getting your license and driving freedom back.

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